:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::RELEASES /// GELBA TOUR 2017

FUTURE RELEASES: currently working on a new cassette tape of Argentine outsiders called Vlubä // expect high doses of psychedelic and hallucinogenic trip from sick abuse of synths and found sounds // C-45 co-released with infamous Lonktaar rec // out sooon!!

GELBA TOUR: Gelba is planning to tour thru North Italy / Switzerland / Alpine range next March.
We just have a couple of confirmed/tba dates, and looking for some more (see tour schedule) ---> any help would be appreciated!!!

Gio 23 -- Torino // Blackout
Ven 24 -- Milano/Lombardia help!!
Sab 25 -- Lugano // Sonnenstube
Dom 26--Switzerland/tbc
Lun 27 -- Switzerland/tbc
Mar 28 -- Switzerland/tbc
Mer 29 -- Switzerland/tbc
Gio 30 -- Switzerland/Austria/tbc
Ven 31-- Bolzano (tba)
Sab 01 -- tba


Still available:

- split tape w/t Caligine (Monstres par exces rec)
- split tape w/t My Cat Is An Alien (Old Bicycle rec)
- split tape w/t Humans Fuck Off (Dokuro/fanculo/Lonktaar/swollen av co-release)  

Many hugs -- mp//jan'17